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Water Filtration Systems

Did you know that water in South Orange County is high in mineral content, including calcium and magnesium? Our water also contains chloramines and other chemicals to keep the water free of bacteria but also causes other chemicals to keep water free of bacteria that can cause pinhole leaks in existing plumbing.

Plumbing reimagined

Water Filtration

  • Remove the chloramines and other chemicals and enjoy safer drinking water throughout your home. 
  • Studies have shown that if filters aren’t removing these chemicals, your skin naturally absorbs them.

Water Softening

  • A water softener removes calcium and magnesium from so-called hard water through a process called ion exchange. This softened water means appliances stay free of the mineral buildup that reduces both their effectiveness and lifespan. 
  • Softened water means richer, thicker shampoo bubbles and softer, shinier hair.
  • Soft water also balances the pH level of your skin, hydrating your skin and often helping to reduce eczema and acne.

Reverse Osmosis

  •  A reverse osmosis system removes everything that is bad in your water—like sediment and chlorine—and leaves you with safe water at the faucet where the system is installed.
  • Want more details? The water first goes through a pre-filter before passing through the reverse osmosis membrane that removes any remaining solids. A post-filter does the final cleaning, and then the water is ready for cooking, drinking, and enjoying.

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“We love our whole home water filtration system that Clear Water installed. Our water taste great and our appliances are working awesome”

“My wife and I wish we would have done this sooner. We are absolutely in love with our water filtration system. Thank you Clear Water!"